May 25, 2023


2 months, online
4-6 hours per week


May 25, 2023


2 months, online
4-6 hours per week

Application Details

Why Take This Program?

Every organization, regardless of industry and whether it sells goods or delivers services, is now an information company. From relationships with external partners and customers, to internal operations, digital technologies have changed how information is transmitted and processed. Consequently, every job function within every firm and industry is vulnerable to some manner of digital disruption.

With this program from UC Berkeley, identify and work with the three key components of digital transformation for your organization, namely—data, technology, and people—to make the leap toward staying relevant in a digitally centric world.

Enrolling in this program is the first step in your journey to alumni benefits.

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Who is This Program For?

This online program is designed for:

  • Mid- to senior-level managers who need a strategy to lead their business unit or firm through a sea of massive disruption.
  • Leaders who strive to be more proactive in implementing new ideas, staying ahead of the competition, and aligning their people, data, and technology.
  • Participants who may be leaders of a functional department, head of a business unit or region, or who have general management responsibilities.

Representative functions and industries of past participants include:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • MD
  • GM
  • President
  • Director
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Director of Technology
  • VP of Technology
  • IT Director
  • Director of Engineering
  • Tech Lead
  • IT Project Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Tech Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Systems Manager
  • Product Head
  • Analytics Head
  • Consultants (Management Consultant, Technology Consultant, Software Consultant, IT Consultant, Principal Consultant, Digital Transformation Consultant)
  • Solution Architect (Might have other titles such as President, CEO, Partner, Head of a consultancy firm)

Key Takeaways

This program will position you to:

  • Identify opportunities to address specific problems within the firm and frame them in a way where a digital solution can be optimal.
  • Manage the organizational transformations, in the form of people and processes, required to enable measurable and significant change.
  • Navigate the legal and ethical considerations that surround digital business practices, such as privacy and data protection.

Program Topics

There’s no question that data and technology are key levers for digital transformation, but it’s also about people and organizational alignment. While much of this online program focuses on opportunities for advancing your strategic digital plan, there is also an emphasis on people and the organization.

  • Module 1: Introduction and Overview

  • Module 2: Opportunities for Digital Transformation
    Learn how to identify high-value customers using pre-post testing for redesigning a service process and network analysis.
  • Module 3: The Role of Data
    Analyze the use of descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive modeling and how to assess the different sources of data and problems related to the quantity and format.
  • Module 4: The Process of Digital Transformation
    Master looking at processes through a customer-centric lens to identify the scope of improvement and create process flows for your organization.
  • Module 5: Digital Business Models
    Understand how subscription models are driving massive growth and the difference between dynamic and personalized pricing.
  • Module 6: People and the Organization
    Identify the importance of specifying strategic imperatives for a digital transformation and the key performance indicators that can be used to measure an organization's performance relative to these imperatives.
  • Module 7: Technology and Policy
    Understand the regulations around data collection and usage and the ethical questions that emerge. Explore algorithmic bias and uncover when and why algorithmic decisions can be biased.
  • Module 8: Conclusion and Action Plan
    For your capstone project, summarize the takeaways from the previous modules and place them into the context of an entire strategy for your firm.

Your Learning Journey

  • Videos
  • Live Webinars
  • Peer Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Assignments
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Capstone
  • Live Office Hours

Industry Examples

Across all industries, digital technologies have changed how information is transmitted and processed. Every organization is effectively an information company, and every industry is vulnerable to some degree of disruption. Learn from these examples:


Optimize hospital patient flow in an emergency department.


Conduct network analysis to find the high-value customers and leverage those relationships.


Use A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of advertising—how much exposure is enough to convert?


Optimize an in-store shopping order using “shopper engineering” from Instacart and predict what item the shopper will add to cart next.


Using indoor location tracking of airline passengers, learn how predictive and prescriptive analytics help understand where passengers go and what services to offer them.

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Company Examples

UC Berkeley Executive Education's faculty have strong relationships with industry. Content from the program is either inspired by or directly derived from research and applications from companies that include:

Cambridge Analytica

One of the most notorious data breaches of all time occurred when Cambridge Analytica sold Facebook user data and violated the terms and conditions of the API. Learn the ways that legal and ethical considerations factor into digital business transactions.

Panera Bread

The customer experience was suffering at Panera Bread due to long order and wait times. Being a data-driven company, they studied the problem using customer data and launched an ‘order-ahead’ mobile app, greatly decreasing order and wait times. They also updated the staffing algorithm, achieving operational gains.


How does a payment platform become ubiquitous? It requires both buyers and sellers to get on board, presenting the old chicken and the egg conundrum: which comes first? Learn how a onesided market evolves into a two-sided market where both buyers and sellers derive value.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Imagine you are tasked with creating the best driving routes to provide the ‘last mile’ of residential delivery service to customers. How can data help you find the optimal routes for your drivers? We’ll pull from descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics techniques to solve this challenge.

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Note: All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The study of these products and/or companies does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Participant Testimonials

Program Faculty

Learn from our distinguished faculty at the forefront of information and communication technology, online marketing strategy and management philosophy.

Path to Alumni Benefits

Enrolling in the Digital Transformation (Online) program can become your first step toward pursuing the UC Berkeley Executive Education Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE). The Certificate of Business Excellence gives individuals the opportunity to acquire and hone new skills and do it on a timeline that works with your busy schedule. Participants will earn a mark of distinction with certification from a world-class university, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years.
Learn more about the program and associated alumni benefits here.

Networking and events

  • Join local alumni chapters or clubs in your region
  • Participate in the annual Berkeley Haas Alumni Conference
  • Attend select Berkeley Haas and Berkeley Executive Education Networking events open to the COBE community

Exclusive Berkeley resources

  • Activate an email forwarding address.
  • 15% discount on the list price of future eligible Berkeley Executive Education programs.
  • 30% discount on the list price of future eligible programs after completion of your Certificate of Business Excellence.
  • Public visitor access to select campus libraries and university database services.

News and communication

  • A one year complimentary digital subscription to California Management Review
  • Berkeley Haas Alumni newsletter
  • Berkeley Haas Alumni Jobs e-Newsletter featuring job postings from distinguished employers
  • Haas Insights offering the latest research and thought leadership from industry speakers and faculty

Note: All benefits subject to change.




Get recognized! Upon successful completion of the program, UC Berkeley Executive Education grants a verified digital certificate of completion to participants. Participants must complete 80 percent of the required activities including a capstone project (if any) to obtain the certificate of completion. This program also counts toward a Certificate of Business Excellence.

Successful completion of this program fulfills two curriculum days (minimum requirement of 17 curriculum days) towards the UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE).
Learn more on how it works here.


Note: This program results in a digital certificate of completion and is not eligible for degree credit/CEUs. After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of UC Berkeley Executive Education.

Certificate of Business Excellence logo

This program counts toward a Certificate of Business Excellence

  • Curriculum Days: Two days
  • Pillar(s): Strategy & Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A UC Berkeley Certificate of Business Excellence gives individuals the opportunity to create a personal plan of study structured by our four academic pillars. Participants will earn a mark of distinction with certification from a world-class university, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years.

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